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Night time, especially after a snowfall, can create a dreamscape, where it’s impossible to pick out specific objects. Or perhaps an early summer morning surprises us with so much lush green of innumerable shades. Whenever did I start to like green? Noticing the unusual light, or the way the roofs line up in such a way from this angle, the familiar becomes strange, and for a moment we are given the chance to see our own backyard with new eyes.

Walking, taking the same few routes in an ordinary suburban landscape, it is still possible to find beauty and mystery in those places seen hundreds of times.

The paintings are at a mid-point, not quite abstract, not quite figurative, but hint at it. The possibilities are still open, and the painting becomes an invitation for the viewer to place herself into that space.

Anne-Laure grew up in Montreal where she is currently based. She most recently spent 5 years in Lethbridge, completing her mfa, and immersing herself in the vast spaciousness of prairie skies. Both of these particular landscapes have strongly influenced her paintings. This small book gives a good idea about her process: small book




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