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Corrie Peters is an artist with a wealth of relationships. She is thankful for the many people willing to sit with her in her struggles, her joys and her ignorance. And, for the ways they have taught her how to approach art, activism and caring.

The time spent in relationship with people – often quiet and vulnerable – that is her artwork. The publicly displayed pieces are the documentation of her artwork – translating what she has learnt to a larger audience. She understands sharing her learning as: a posture of being, an ongoing responsibility to those she is in relationship with, and a continual involvement in understanding power and her own complicity in it.

Corrie is of Mennonite settler origins, living on unceded Lkungwen territory in Victoria, BC with her family.

You can see much more of her work on her website: corriepeters.ca


Please get in touch for anything you are interested in purchasing or with any questions. I am always happy to welcome you to my studio with a cup of coffee.

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