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Artists are people actively involved in understanding and expanding the ways we understand the world. Buying their art is one way to support their years of work (often unrecognized and unpaid).

MadeTangible exists to sell the artwork of up to five artists. 5 was chosen for the ways it reflects some realities about relating to each other and ideas.

  • It hopes to be manageable amount of work to invite you to spend time with.
  • I can honestly share my excitement about the work of these artists and how it could impact you.
  • I can provide support to 5 of us navigating this website while doing the other things I love.

I am not a dealer or a curator – I have put out this idea to artists I know whose work I admire. We each promote the work we have for sale on here ourselves (no commissions). I think about this as this some sort of capitalist/anti capitalist expression of care – an attempt to provide a small bit of humanity to some things I have found dehumanizing.

MadeTangible is a work of Corrie Peters art practice.
If you would like to host the site for yourself and up to 4 other artists (or 5 artists you’re excited about) just contact me and I have some stuff I can pass on. No cost.

Thanks for being interested,